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Whitewashed Justice Brian A. Levene

Whitewashed Justice

Brian A. Levene

Published July 14th 2011
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Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Nina Cain is Justice Cain’s mother whose family migrated to Jamaica in 1982 from Scarsdale, New York. William Cain starts working for a conglomerate of textile companies that supply all the clothing factories in Kingston, Jamaica. Nina’s mother becomes obsessed with the money and power it brings and forgets the importance of her family. Nina, Justice’s mother, is raped at age fourteen supposedly by a gang member while she visits her half sister Whinny, who lives in the infamous BackBush neighborhood. The gang lives above the law as they were the ones who worked to put the ruling Jamaica Labor Party in power. After she becomes pregnant with Justice, Nina goes to lives with her sister Whinny after her mother throws her out of her home. Whinny left the comfort of her family’s Stony Hill Mansion after her mother accused her of trying to steal her husband who is Whinny’s Stepfather.Eleven year old Justice becomes a heartless killer after the stabbing of his mother in Kingston, Jamaica’s crime riddled BackBush. He runs away to New York after he kills all whos responsible for his mothers death. After he finds out his adopted father is his real father who raped his mother, Justice leaves Yale University and runs back to Jamaica with his adopted mother Dahlia who hes obsessed with.